July 16, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Life and death? What happens in between?

GUEST COLUMN: Dr. N. Prabhudev

Mind is a familiar stranger! Here’s my question: What age are you when you’re in Heaven or hell? Soul is infinite and eternal and it alone goes to heaven or hell! The body dies and disintegrates.

Life-or-Death – which is bigger? Answer is Life! Death executes life! Death happens but once. You live life every day. Fear of death is fear of afterlife. They’re scared that they’ll end up suffering in a hellish underworld for all eternity to atone for their sins. For centuries death has been a cause of preoccupation and fear. Fear of becoming nothing! It’s a human instinct.

During the final stage of dying, disorientation and restlessness will grow. There will be significant changes in the patient’s breathing and continence. Too long we have orphaned ourselves from nature and regarded death as an inevitable intruder. The fear of death plays a significant role in our internal experience. It haunts us and rumbles under the surface. 

Belief- A righteous person will go to the Promised Land of god’s abode!  And an evil person will burn in hell.

After the first death, there is no other. Scientifically, life ends with the brain death. Soul stands Perplexed and lonely – Perplexed because the person lying on the death-bed refused to believe in the continuity of life after the death – Reincarnation. Confused as the soul sees people he knows standing around weeping, hears the words they speak, and senses their grief as they lament his passing away.

Near-death experiences are of three types: the “Out-of-Body” type, the “Mystical” or “White-Light” type, and the “Distressing” type. Few survive to tell the Tales!

Researchers have identified the common elements that define near-death experiences. Many common elements have been reported, although the person’s interpretation of these events often corresponds with the cultural, philosophical, or religious beliefs of the person experiencing it.

• A sense of being dead. A sense of peace and painlessness. A sense of removal from the world

• An out-of-body experience. A perception of one’s body from an outside position, some experience resuscitation efforts.

• A “tunnel experience” or entering a darkness. A sense of moving up, sudden immersion in a powerful light

• Suddenly finding oneself back inside one’s body 

• Arriving at a “heavenly abode.” 

• I felt as if I was falling in a very deep, slumbering, swaying invisible energy, so peaceful and so reassuring. Deep, deep down a very restful place. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice in my inner consciousness.” 

• I finally gave in to the battle I was losing. All of a sudden, my body was no longer craving a breath. I did not need to breathe anymore, and with that, the panic stopped.”

Yet when NDEs are reported, they are frequently met with scepticism and dismissal by medical caregivers and family members. We need to prove they are something more than the result of illness, medication or a dying brain to acknowledge their power to impact lives in a positive way!

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