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‘The concept of Vishwa Bandhu is the panacea for all the ills of the world

The role of Company Secretary in Viksith Bharat is of paramount importance’

The tension between Israel and Iran is a matter of deep concern’ – Dr S. Jaishankar

Bangalore, April 16: The tension between Israel and Iran is a matter of deep global concern, external affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar said here on Tuesday.

Speaking at an interactive session titled “Vishwa Bandhu Bharat” organized by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) at Rajajinagar, Dr Jaishankar said the tension between any two countries of the world will lead to global crisis.

“Such tensions will lead to increase in the oil prices, food prices, inflation. The only panacea for all such global problems is the concept of Vishwa Bandhu,” Jaishankar added.

He disclosed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed him to take all necessary steps to stop the escalation of tension between Israel and Iran.
“An Indian ship is caught in the turmoil in Iran which has 17 Indians. Efforts are being made to bring them back safely,” the External Affairs Minister added.

He further said that about 18 lakh Indians are staying in that region and it is our responsibility to evacuate them at the earliest.

According to Jaishankar there is seriousness in the Russia – Ukraine war. War is still continuing in Gaza. The situation in Indian Pacific is disturbed. There are about 20 countries that do not talk to each other.

“There is a need for a matured leadership to face these challenges. The leadership need to understand each other and find out ways and means to resolve the conflict. Unilateral approach will not help in this situation. Even the UN does not do much in this regard. However, India has lent its voice to the global South. We have drawn the attention of the world through our G20 Presidency,” Dr Jaishankar explained.

Reiterating that “Viksith Bharat” (Fully Developed India) is our goal. Within a few years, India will become a 5 trillion economy. By 2030, we will become 10 trillion economy. Viksith Bharat is our goal by 2047.

“By that time, there will be demand for professionals in all fields. Similarly, the demand for Company Secretaries will also increase. The role of Company Secretaries is unique in the development of the country,” he added.

Stating that Brand India needs to be given thrust under Vishwa Bandhu concept, Dr Jaishankar said India is implementing ‘Sab ka Saath Sab ka Vikas’ concept globally.

“Under these circumstances, making Narendra Modi again the Prime Minister is also a challenge. Make In India is an ambitious project we are manufacturing for the sake of the world.

“India is equipped and prepared to meet challenges of natural calamities. We are responding effectively and meaningfully,” the External Affairs Minister explained.

He said India was 11th in the global economic scale and today we have come to the 5th position. The global economic scene will totally change in the next one decade. India is in the forefront of manufacturing electric vehicles and chips. This is an era of artificial Intelligence. We need to take this to next level for which we need natural intelligence. In fact, we possess that capability,” Dr. Jaishankar explained.

CS Venkata Subbarao Kalva, Chairman of Bangalore Chapter of ICSI, Secretary CS Vishwas Hegde, SIRC Chairman CS Pradeep B Kulkarni, Central Committee Member CS C. Dwarakanath, Bangalore Chapter Vice Chairperson CS Devika Satyanarayana were present on the occasion.

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