July 16, 2024


Truth Triumphs

One should be aware of the country’s progress – former ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra

Bangalore, June 12; Former ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra said that by 2047, India will emerge as world guru, and the day has come when we Indians will proclaim our Indianness with pride.

Speaking at a program on “Vikasita Bharat-2047” organized at Acharya Pathshala Educational Institution in the city, he said that the student community should have knowledge about India’s history, heritage, culture and Sanatan Dharma.

Presently India is in a superior position in all fields including science, technology, education, medicine, and the military. Everyone should be aware of the progress of the country. He said that the concept of India has changed due to the image of progress.
APS Chairman C. Dr. Vishnu Bharat Allapally, Adviser to Prime Minister RTN Udayakumar, Bhaskar, Prof. A Prakash Principal Secretary and AS Srikanth and others were present.

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