July 16, 2024


Truth Triumphs

High precision weapon destroys Kyiv’s TV tower

Bengaluru, Mar. 1: Russia seems to be strategically fighting Ukraine by striking Kyiv’s TV tower with precision. TV channels across the country stopped broadcasting several minutes ago and at least five people have been killed, AFP reported citing officials.

TV channels were like window to entire Ukraine to know the developments about the war. Since TV channels are blacked out the possible support reaching out to the Ukraine might also remain a distant dream.

Earlier, Russia had issued a warning that it would strike Kyiv’s security service HQ with ‘high-precision weapons’. Residents living close by were asked to evacuate.

Russia had warned that it would launch a strike against the ‘Center for Information and Psychological Operations’ in the Ukrainian capital to suppress the number of information attacks on various state institutions and Russian citizens.

Moscow has issued warnings for residents who live in close proximity to communications towers near the headquarters in the center of Kyiv to evacuate their homes for their own safety.

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