May 27, 2024


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Pro-farmer government to come up in state in one year: predicts Bommai

Haveri (Ranebennur), May 4: After Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister again, there will be pro-farmer government in the state within one year, said former chief minister and Gadag-Haveri Lok Sabha constituency BJP candidate Basavaraj Bommai.

Addressing a series of campaign in Ranebennur taluk on Saturday, he said one must be honest who wear the Kambali on the shoulder. While he was the CM, a Rs 200 crore proposal was formulated to help each sheep rearers association with Rs 8 lakh to buy the sheep. But this scheme had been stopped. If the state fails to implement the project again,then he would implement the central government scheme to help the Halumatha community. There must be pro-farmer government both in the state and union governments, and if Modi becomes the PM again, a pro-farmer government would come to power in the state. ” I have done two lift irrigation schemes, a mega market in Ranebennur and 24x 7 drinking water supply scheme”.
Bommai said the country has seen several prime ministers in the last 75 years but none of them thought of providing individual tap connection. In the last four years, the Modi government had given 75 crore tap connections of which 30 lakhs in Karnataka. The Haveri Milk producers union has been established due to which the milk procurement had reached,1.20 lakh litres from 80000 litres. The farmers were being given an additional Rs 3 per litre.

The state government did not have anything to fend itself. There have been no development in last ten months as they have no plans for it. They have stopped the scheme of Kisan Sanman of giving Rs 4000 to each farmer as well as the raitha Vidya Nidhi and yashaswini. This Anti farmer government must be kicked out. The Prime Minister has provided vaccines to everyone during the COVID pandemic. Even the Congress leaders have taken the vaccine. To repay the favor of saving lives, we must vote for Modi. To repay Modi, who has provided water to every household, we must vote for the BJP. Modi, who provides 5 kg of rice to every family, must be voted for by the BJP. Every vote should be for making Modi the Prime Minister again. Development has come to standstill in the state and no money was available in the treasury to release the MLA grants.

MLA is neither a bullock or ram

The Ranebennur MLA was neither a bullock or a ram, said former chief minister and Gadag-Haveri Lok Sabha constituency BJP candidate Basavaraj Bommai.
Giving a fitting reply to Ranebennur MLA Prakash Koliwad, he said people knew well that the old bullock must be treated during the difficult times but in the Congress party, candidates above 80 years contest in the election. The MLA must have the basic common sense that his talks would hurt others. Prakash must talk carefully.

B.D.Hiremath supports Bommai

Senior advocate B.D.Hiremath has extended support to former chief minister and Gadag-Haveri Lok Sabha constituency BJP candidate Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking on behalf of Bommai in Haalageri, Hiremath said he didn’t belong to any political party but Bommai’s contribution has been immense to North Karnataka region. Development would happen if such a fighter was elected and sent to lok sabha. He would be always amidst the people.

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