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Mr. Gay World India 2024: Celebrating Diversity and Equality Pratik Jangada

Crowned Mr. Gay World India 2024: A Triumph of Diversity and Advocacy.

Bangalore, April 14: In a dazzling event held at The Lalit, Bangalore on April 13th, 2024, history was made as Pratik Jangada was crowned Mr. Gay World India 2024. This prestigious title marks not only a personal achievement for Jangada but also a significant step forward in promoting acceptance and diversity within Indian society. Alongside Jangada, Ashish Chopra secured the position of First Runner-up, while Mayur Rajput, known by his alias Firdaus, earned the title of Second Runner-up. Their remarkable accomplishments signal a new era of inclusivity and representation within the LGBTQ+ community in India.

The event, organized by the Mr. Gay World India team and supported by the Mist LGBTQ Foundation, served as a platform for advocacy, empowerment, and celebration of queer identity. The competition showcased not just external beauty, but also the inner strength and commitment of the participants to drive positive change within society.

In a statement following his victory, Pratik Jangada expressed his pride in representing the diverse spectrum of LGBTQ+ individuals. “Proudly representing diversity, I am honored to have won the title of Mr. Gay World India,” said Jangada. “This victory is a testament to breaking barriers and promoting acceptance in our society. This journey is amazing, and I am living it.”

Similarly, “This is just the beginning of my journey in advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, with a special focus on mental health awareness.”I want to thank everyone for a great experience. I enjoyed every minute with all the finalists and got to learn so much from everyone. I will continue doing what I do and work even harder in the coming years to make sure that I be the voice of those whose voices are not being heard, said Ashish Chopra,the first runner up. Mayur Rajput, the Second Runner-up, emphasized the importance of his journey in advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, particularly focusing on mental health awareness. “Humbled and honored to be awarded second runner-up at Mr. Gay World India 2024,” stated Rajput.

Sriram Sridhar, Director Asia of Mr. Gay World, emphasized the transformative power of beauty pageants like Mr. Gay World India in celebrating inner beauty and promoting social change. “Beauty pageants are always about external beauty and body physique. Through Mr. Gay World India, we are celebrating the inner beauty of gay men who create change in society through their project areas and create more icons and role models within the community.”

Sriram also expressed his satisfaction with the growth of the pageant, envisioning a future where such events contribute to building a safe and inclusive society. “I am happy the pageant has reached a higher level in the second year itself after I started doing this, and I hope to do a South Asia level pageant in the coming years through which we can build a safe and inclusive future.”

The crowning of Pratik Jangada as Mr. Gay World India 2024 signifies not only a personal achievement but also a collective victory for LGBTQ+ visibility, acceptance, and empowerment in India. As Jangada embarks on representing India at the global level, his journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for queer individuals around the world.

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