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Truth Triumphs

Creating right kind of value system in the society is the need of the current time: CM Bommai

Bengaluru, April 23: Creating the right kind of value system in society is the need of the current times. The society should reward the good values among the people to ensure social harmony, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

He was addressing the 20th Biennial State Level Conference of Judicial Officers.

“Societal justice is very important, Societal justice will lead to different dimensions in the judiciary. If a society does not recognise the goodness among the people, if it doesn’t honour the honesty in the society, if the sincerity is not rewarded then the society is not doing its job. That leads to a lot of confusion in the value system. So the right kind of value system in the society has to be created otherwise all the reponsibliiuyt will come on judiciary,” Bommai said.

“Value system should come through practices in society. If the society becomes docile and recognises wrong things then the judiciary will have to be punishment oriented. It is important to note that any judiciary system should try to be as rewarding as possible rather than becoming punishment oriented. The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary need to work for societal justice. There should be no ambiguity in framing the laws then only the law would deliver its purpose,” Bommai said.

The Indian judiciary has maintained its standards and credibility through its values of honesty, judiciousness and conscientiousness. This has ensured a bright future for the country amids various social upheavals in the country, Bommai said.

Digitisation of judiciary

The Chief Minister emphasised the need to use technology and digitisation in judiciary in keeping with the changing times. It would speed up the deliverance of justice. Artificial Intelligence could be very handy in delivering judicious verdicts, Bommai said.

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