June 23, 2024


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‘Sweeping act’ to prevent motorists skidding on road

Traffic cop sweeps debris strewn on road near Devanahalli signal

Bengaluru, April 23: More often than not, traffic cops will be at receiving end for enforcing traffic rules. If a cop flags down a vehicle or checks pending traffic violation penalty he would be cursed endlessly.

But, this traffic cop is an exception and receiving accolades from the citizens and netizens for his good samaritan deed!

This traffic cop (seen in pic) was busy sweeping the debris strewn on the road at Devanahalli signal. He weilded a broom stick in the wee hours of Sarurday and was seen sweeping the road to ensure smooth and accident-free ride for motorists.

He took care that no motorists should skid and fall. This dear cop did not even wait for the motorists to skid and fall to sweep the road. This shows the concern this cop has for motorists safety.

A person tweets, appreciate for the efforts, dedication and keeping city clean. This prevent wheel skidding especially two wheeler. @BbmpchdTeam Looks like BBMP in deep Sleep

Another person tweets, the individual clearly demonstrates that he cares for human lives; but then due to self interest of other officials such violations are happening; law states that vehicles carrying such debris or materials should be covered

Yet another tweet reads, as long as the police do not take violations photos, enforce rules, question a violation they are the best. Irony. Get a feeling that law enforcement has become weak with every person uses some influence or the other to get away. Pathetic state of affairs.

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