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Delhi CM’s city visit has awakened major parties: Prithvi Reddy

Bengaluru, April 23: The recent visit of Delhi CM and AAP National Convener Arvind Kejriwal seems to have awakened all 3 political parties in our state.

Opposition party leader Siddaramaiah reaction:
Speaking about AAP , Congress party leader has said “AAP is not a big party, they have been politics since many years. I won’t talk about aap, they haven’t contested elections in state so far.But today Kejriwal has come & said “we’ll field candidates in elections”, let them field, people will decide.“
“Reacting to Kejriwal’s 40% remark, “we’ve been telling the same, let’s leave it to people”

Reacting to this AAP , State Convener , Prithvi Reddy said:

We are a new born small party, who have shown in a very short period of time how much pro-people work is possible if honest people join together, AAP offers a ray of hope for people of our state and country. Congress  is an old party and spent force, people have lost hope in this party.

AAP is the only party which has offered corruption free governance and has the moral authority to call out the corruption of JCB parties. People are not interested in 40% or 20% corruption they want “0%” corruption which only AAP can offer.

Kumarswamy reaction
Speaking about AAP

JDS leader Kumaraswamy said 
“What will Kejriwal do in Karnataka? Is it possible to run government in this state trusting Kejriwal? We’re not able to do anything despite doing so much work, what will they do now coming from Delhi? Is it possible for Kejriwal to give 0% govt with those who sat beside him ? Delhi politics and state politics are two entirely different things.”
Taking a jibe at Siddaramaiah’s “B team” remark, Kumaraswamy said “who is Siddaramaiah to ask whether I will go with BJP or AAP?

Reacting to this AAP , State Convener , Prithvi Reddy said:

JDS has confessed that, when given a chance by people of Karnataka, it was not been able to do anything about corruption , hence it should not field candidates and give Arvind Kejrwal’s AAP a chance to prove what is possible 

Arvind Kejriwal led AAP is the only party that has done what it says, party has proved in Delhi and is now proving Punjab  that “0” corruption is not a dream is possible. 

We are not concerned who is B team of whom, AAP is the A team of people of Karnataka

BJP Reaction:
On hearing of Arvind Kejriwal’s impending visit to the state, the BJP which has all these days been mocking AAPs electricity schemes in Delhi  has tried to implement a similar model in our state, by offering 75 units of current to SC/ST families in the state. 
If the BJP stops taking 40% commission they can offer at least 200 units of current free to every family is Karnataka

Further Prithvi Reddy said :
There are many good people in all the 3 major parties in our state, as mentioned by Arvind Kejriwal all good likeminded people must come forward to join AAP to bring political change and deliver justice to the people of Karnataka

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