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Unveiling of Kempe Gowda statue on Nov 11

Sacred soil collected at Yalahanka amidst slogans

Bengaluru, Nov 5: Sacred soil to be used during the unvelling of Kempe Gowda statue on November 11 was collected at Yalahanka on Saturday amidst joy and slogans by thousands of people.

Dr CN Ashwath Narayan, Minister and Vice-Chairperson of Kempe Gowda Heritage Area Development Authority and member of the authority and MLA SR Viswanath participated in the event and collected the holy mud.

The officials handed over the soil collected from kalyanis, pushkarnis, lakes and reservoirs.

Earlier, Narayan and Vishwanath garlanded Kempe Gowda statue. A procession which started off from Anjaneya Swamy temple on the old hospital road passed through the main roads of the area.

Speaking on the occasion, Narayan, said that the city of Bengaluru founded by Nadaprabhu Kempe Gowda stands tall as a symbol of development and prosperity.

The city which has bagged top spot in IT/BT would become the most favoured global destination by 2047, he explained.

MLA Vishwanath, stated, that the project of installing 108 ft. statue of Kempe Gowda statue at BIA has become a reality due to the tireless efforts by Minister Narayan.

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