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Ganga Pooja and Ganga Arathi; Resolution to initiate irrigation projects; Expecting 4-5 lakh participants

Bengaluru, May 12: Janatha Jaladhaare programme, which began on Hanuman Jayanthi, on the 16th of last month was conducted successfully and will conclude with a rally near Nelamangala tomorrow.
With Goddess Ganga as witness, in the presence of an expected gathering of 4-5 lakh people, a resolution shall be passed to initiate irrigation projects.

Former Chief Minister has said that if the party gets complete authority, all the projects will be implemented.

It has been informed that the rally will begin at 3pm tomorrow (May 13) afternoon, in the huge grounds near Bavikere, close to Nelamangala on the Bangalore-Hassan highway. All legislators, candidates of upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections, and leaders including former Prime Minister Sri H.D.Deve Gowda, State president of JD (S) C.M.Ibrahim, president of the party’s core committee Bandeppa Kashempura, party’s national parliamentary committee president H.K.Kumaraswamy are participating.
For all participants in the rally, Dasoha, parking and meal facilities have been arranged.

Ganga Arathi:

Ganga Pooja and Ganga Arathi are the main highlights of the Janatha Jaladhare rally. The rally has been organised in line with the customs of our land.

Ganga Arathi shall be performed at 6.30pm in the evening in the Jaladhare programme. A special team of 20 pundits from Varanasi has been invited.

Jaladhare programme has been conducted in 180 assembly constituencies. The 15 GangaRathas that have traversed successfully and have collected the Sacred water from the main rivers of the state. Kumaraswamy has informed that this water has been collected in a Kalasha which will be worshipped during the rally.

Goal of Jaladhare
The programme has been organised to obtain blessings of Goddess Ganga for effective and efficient utilisation of water in our state. HDK has said that if the citizens vote for an independent government in the rally, resolution shall be made regarding the irrigation projects to be undertaken by the party.

“Both Congress and BJP have been unjust to the state regarding irrigation works. In the past 75 years, both parties have cheated the people. I requested the government to convert Upper Krishna project to a national project. Even Yettinahole and Mahadayi projects are not receiving favourable response. They are not implemented and being postponed by giving excuses. State resources are being misused.
Nothing is impossible for the government in our state. We must decide to utilise river water efficiently. If our party comes to absolute majority in the state, we shall act to utilise all river water efficiently”, he assured.

“Governments have not considered water problems seriously. If this continues, people of the city will face drinking water problems in future. Revival of Arkavathy river has been stopped. Several lakes and Rajakaluve have been encroached. All this has to be rectified. From the past 2-3 years, both national parties have discussed this lightly. This programme is to give them a response ” , he said.

Janatha Jaladhare programme is special. Not only will various irrigation projects, which have been consigned to memory, be implemented but even projects, with a vision to ensure no water problems for the next hundred years, shall be designed.

  • H.D.Kumaraswamy
  • former Chief Minister
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