April 1, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Dundee University keen to collaborate with Karnataka in Life Sciences

Dundee (Scotland), May 22: Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Karnataka for Higher Education, visited Dundee University, which is renowned the world over for studies in Life Sciences.

During the discussion with the minister on Saturday, top officials of the university said, “Our team will visit India in coming September. We are keen to collaborate with Karnataka it the state government evinces interest and centers can be set up in many varsities”.

The University which is 140 years old has courses in advanced Image Analysis, Data Communication, Science Communication, Data Science, and Machine Learning and also houses required higher-end expensive machines & equipment.

“The collaboration will create ample opportunities for students of Karnataka to enhance their capabilities. In addition, we also contribute to design updated programmes for degree, post-graduate and Ph.D. education” the university representatives claimed.

Officials also apprised the minister that the Dundee University had already established such collaboration with a few other countries including China and Singapore. Further, they said, under this collaboration, the faculty of the university will go to the respective countries for teaching for a period of two years and later students will be facilitated to attend classes at Dundee University.

G.kumar Nayak, ACS, Department of Higher Education, P.Pradeep, Commissioner, DCTE, Dr.Gopal Joshi, ED, State Higher Education Council (SHEC), and Dr.Bhanu Murty, VC, BASE, Tandava Gowda, Administrator, SHEC were present.

Meanwhile, on Friday late evening, the minister’s delegation met Martyn Day, Member of Parliament, UK, and discussed various matters. During this visit, Martyn Day hosted the dinner for the delegation. His spouse Nidhin Chand who is of Kerala origin was also present.

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