May 27, 2024


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Will the BBMP witness change in guard?

The BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath who is recovering from recent illness looked visibly upset after the launch of precast white topping and Future Design Summit at the Lalit Ashok hotel. Was this an indication that Mr. Nath will be replaced by another senior IAS officer?

Tushar Giri Nath accompanied Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and BBMP administrator Rakesh Singh for the inauguration of country’s first precast white topping road which prevents diversion of traffic for months together.

After the inauguration of the Future Design Summit at the Lalit Ashok hotel Chief Minister Bommai hinted to discuss separately with the BBMP chief commissioner, possibly about the voter data theft scam, according to reliable sources.

Nath spent half of the Thursday with Chief Minister, probably taking stock of the voter data theft scam and discussing the change in guard for the BBMP before Mr. Bommai headed to the Cabinet meeting. The energetic and bubbling commissioner visibly appeared stressed and upset. Obviously, the recent voter data theft scam has disturbed him and has put him under tremendous pressure.

Certainly, with the opposition Congress taking the issue of voter data theft seriously Bommai too appears to be under pressure.

Following the voter data scam that has resulted in suspension of two senior IAS officers and arrests BBMP’s four Revenue Officers (RO) the issue of changing the BBMP chief commissioner has become the hot topic for discussion.

The speculations are rife that senior IAS officer and in-charge BDA commissioner Kumar Naik be appointed as the new chief commissioner of the BBMP. Naik has an experience of handling the BBMP earlier as the commissioner.

It may be recalled that the names such as N Manjunath Prasad and Gaurav Gupta names were floated for the Chief Commissioner’s post, according to sources.

Post cabinet meet, senior ministers too appear upset:

Although the state BJP cadre is upbeat with the landslide victory in the Gujarat assembly elections where the BJP has created a record by winning 1586 of the 182 seats.

It is said that Gujarat model of senior paving way for the new comers discussed in the Thursday’s cabinet meet. Senior who have won three to four times would have to contest from other constituencies and give up their home turf.

Obviously, this has irked many senior who kind of strengthened their constituencies.

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