March 21, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Centre of Excellence for 3D bioprinting launched

Bengaluru, Dec. 9: The new Centre of Excellence’ (CoE) for 3D bioprinting, first of its kind in the subcontinent, established in partnership between IISC and leading global BioConvergence (BICO) company CELLiNK was inaugurated on Friday.

Dr CN Ashwath Narayan, Minister for IT/BT and Higher Education, launched the CoE housed in the Centre of Biosystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) at IISC.

Speaking on the occasion, Narayan said, the 3D bio printing technology which enables the printing of human tissues and organs would facilitate faster and more accurate models for drug development.

The CoE which focuses on working around the health care of heart, bone, cartilage and cance will house several state of the art 3D bio printers. This also serves as a hub for several research initiatives and training activities related to emerging field of bio printing technology, he explained.

IISC Director Professor Govindan Rangarajan said, “IISC and CELLiNK will work together to conduct workshops aimed at providing the necessary skills to utilise 3D bioprinting and to enable reap the benefits of 3D cell culture. The two will undertake and advise on research projects related to tissue engineering, drug discovery, material science and regenerative/ personalised medicine.”

“The CoE excellence will provide access to 3D bioprinting systems and enable researchers to accelerate their work across critical applications. Eventually this would lead to improved health outcomes” remarked Tomoko Bylund, Head, CELLiNK (Asia Pacific).

Professor Vishal Rao Dean, Health Care Global, pointed out, 3D bioprinting facilitates to print tissue and organ models which help in drug research and developing potential treatments. He added, this will have impact on human health by promoting drug discovery, testing and regenerating tissues for therapies.

Following the inauguration a brief demonstration of the technology was provided.

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