July 13, 2024


Truth Triumphs

“Ramayan is alive and vibrant because it is attaining re-birth from time to time” – Purushotham Bilimale.

BENGALURU, July 29: Ramayan is not static, is not a stagnant water, it is dynamic. It is taking rebirth in each and every language time to time and hence this magnum plus continues to remain alive and vibrant, said Purushotham Bilimale, a thinker and writer.

He was speaking after launching two volumes of “Purushorhamayana” authored by Purushotham Das Hegde at KRDCL auditorium here on Saturday.

He said as per 2011 census a total of 19,569 languages and dialects have been recognized in the country. “Perhaps, there might be Ramayan in every language,” Purushotham Bilimale added.

According to him, there are many editions of Ramayan in Kannada also. Ramayana Darshanam authored by Kuvempu received Jnanapeertha Award. Former Chief Minister M. Veerappa Moily had also authored Ramayana Maha Anveshanam. Now Purushotham Das Hegde has come out with Purushothamayana.

Explaining different versions of Ramayan in various languages, Bilimale said there is a separate Ramayan for Dalit community. There is also a Ramayan in Tulu language.

“This epic has attaining newer meanings as per the need of the time and according to the need of the local aspirations. We always need to stand by the author,” Purushotham Bilimale said and added, “Some people ask us who gave you authority to change Ramayan. For them, my reply is who gave you authority to question us”

Senior scholar and thinker Dr G. Ramakrishna, in his address said the scene where Rama threatens the Sea is very ferocious. “Sage Vashishta used to give beef to Valmiki in the Ashram. But in the present circumstances, there is a discussion going on cow slaughter,” he added.

He emphasized the need to adopt scientific approach in literature in order to see literature from the Science point of view.

In his speech, author Purushotham Das Hegde said Valmiki is a source of inspiration for thousands of writers. “Ramayan will continue to come out with new dimensions for next thousands of years,” he said.

Former minister H.M. Revanna, Krishnappa, Sri Siddaramanandapuri Swamiji of Kaginele Guru Peetha of Deodurga taluk, Raichur district and Secretary C. Satyanarayana were present on the occasion.

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