June 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Police had recovered around Rs. 2 crores out of Rs. 11.5 crore that was hacked through the state government’s e-procurement portal.

During the discussion on the bitcoin scam in the upper house, Jnanendra defended the police investigation in the case was on the right track and there is no question of safeguarding anyone. Opposition leader BK Hariprasad alleged that VVIPs were involved in the scam and their names should be revealed. In reply, the minister asked him to provide the names with documents and he will order a probe into the matter.

Further, he added that the scam would have not even taken place if the hacker Shriki was arrested in connection with the Farzi Cafe assault case and thoroughly questioned. “If we go through the statement of Robin, a broker and an accused in the case, the state’s reputation will be damaged as he has taken names of some politicians,” Jnanendra said, adding that 17 people have been arrested so far in connection with the scam.

Meanwhile, the home minister also said the police were keeping a strict vigil on drug peddling in the state. Several MLCs raised concern over the growing menace of drugs and their effects on youths. Jnanendra said the police were seizing a large quantity of drugs and had kept vigil on places where drugs are smuggled and sold.

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