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CM launches ‘Revenue Documents at Your Doorstep’ programme

We have brought government to people’s doorstep: CM Bommai

Chikkaballapur. March 12: Ending the people’s plight of running from pillar to post, we have brought the government to people’s doorstep through a novel programme, said Chief Minister Basavarj Bommai.

The Chief Minister in his address after launching the ‘Revenue Documents at Your Doorstep’ programme organised by the Revenue Department at Gungirlahalli in Chikkaballapur district said, it was a pity that people were made to run from pillar to post to get basic documents like caste certificate and RTC. Revenue minister R Ashok has formulated this novel programme to end the plight of the poor.

Farmers of Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts are hard working. The district is famous for its Silk, Milk, Fruits and Vegetables. It is heartening that the district is implementing this novel programme of delivering Revenue documents at the doorsteps of the people, Bommai said.

Self-aggrandisement by Congress

A government can earn the trust of the people if reaches out to the people in time of need and takes its services to the doors of the people. Congress leaders have been talking big about welfare of the poor, Dalits and the backward communities for the last 75 years since Independence. They used the poor as a vote bank. “They indulged in self-aggrandisement in the name of the poor. If they had walked the talk we would not have faced this situation of coming up with this programme of delivering Revenue documents at your doorstep,” Bommai said.

The most significant work done by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that he has created an awareness among the people about their rights. Modi is the only Prime Minister who set up all the systems to educate the people about their rights and get them. Earlier too governments promised to eradicate poverty. “They had the slogan Garibi Hatao. But why did not make it a reality?. They used power only for politicking. Their objective was power centric. But we will deliver our services to the doors of the common man and get their blessings to serve them. The Revenue department is delivering various documents to 5 crore people at their door steps. Why the previous governments did not do it?” Bommai asked.

Common Man’s government

“This is a common man’s government. The Raitha Shakthi programme announced in the recent budget offers Rs.1050 for farmers with land holdings upto 5 acres as aid to purchase diesel and hire farm equipment. A grant of Rs.600 cr has been provided for the programme in the budget. Another Rs.300 cr has been provided to reintroduce the Yashasvini programme. Interest-free loans would be provided for 33 lakh farmers. Government is helping the farmers in branding their produce and exporting them. Subsidy for horticulture crops has been extended, Bommai said.

“Ensuring fair prices for farmers’ toil and produce is our resolve. I have proved my commitment in this regard by announcing the Vidya Nidhi scholarship scheme for farmers’ children within 3 hours of taking the oath as the Chief Minister. Pension has been increased for 50 lakh families. Our’s is a government with concern for the poor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is paying Rs.6300 per hectare for farmers engaged in dry land farming. We have doubled the compensation for crop loss during the recent floods. I have allocated Rs.25000 cr for Irrigation and Rs.2800 cr for Horticulture. The crop loss compensation has been transferred to farmers’ accounts within one month,” Bommai said.

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