June 15, 2024


Truth Triumphs

PM Modi dials CM, enquires about health, suggests CM to take treatment

Bengaluru, Jan. 11: Even as Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is on a home isolation after testing positive for Covid, Prime Minister Modi dialed Bommai on Tuesday and enquired about his health.

In the telephonic conversation which went on for about 5 minutes, Modi showed concern for the Chief Minister’s health and suggested he take appropriate medical treatment. The call came at 4.30 pm in the middle of a virtual meeting the Chief Minister was holding to review the Covid situation in the state. The Chief Minister explained about him being infected along with two more members of his family.

The Prime Minister suggested the Chief Minister get suitable medical treatment. The Chief Minister also presented details about Covid situation in the state to the Prime Minister.

“I am holding a virtual meeting right now in Bengauluru as a precursor to the virtual meeting you(Modi) have called on January 13. Necessary measures have been taken in the state to control Covid. Vaccination drive has been intensified. Further measures would be initiated based on the suggestions from the experts,” Bommai explained during his conversation with the Prime Minister.

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