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Autonomy and Self-Reliance of Varsities as per NEP: Minister discusses with VCs and experts

Bengaluru, Jan. 11: Dr CN Ashwatha Narayana, Minister for Higher Education discussed with VCs of Universities and experts on Tuesday with regard to autonomy that needs to be attained by varsities as per National Education Policy (NEP-2020), financial self-reliance of varsities that needs to be achieved and transparency that is expected to be maintained while making appointments for the faculty.

Chairing the meeting of the committee constituted to look into reforms and procedure to be followed during appointment as per National Education Policy (NEP-2020), held at Vikasa Soudha, he deliberated about teaching-learning process followed & faculty strength in western universities and scale of allocation of funds by the government.

“Universities should grow as self-reliant institutions and the committee has made a few recommendations with regard to this. But there needs to be more clarity and this needs to be finalized by the time next meeting is convened”, he directed.

Universities should attain both autonomy and self-reliance. Tthey need to gear up to meet at least 1/3rd of their expenses from their own internal resources, Minister suggested.

Minister further opined that our universities have been burdened with excess appointment of faculty unlike Western Universities where only limited number of faculty manage the teaching-learning process. “Only, 2/3rd of the existing faculty is enough to execute the teaching-learning process and the remaining 1/3rd can be meted out by the research students. In addition to this, services of experts from business and industrial sectors can be taken in the form of visiting faculty,” he explained.

“NEP also allows online learning up to 40% and it is high time to think about running universities on PPP model. CSR funds of Industries should be used and Alumni Associations need to be involved pertaining to developmental works in Universities, “Narayana emphasised.

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