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Moral education is must at school level: Women Commission Chairperson Pramila Naidu

Karnataka Women and Child Human Rights Seva Trust and its logo released o Sunday

Bengaluru, Jan. 22: In order to ensure students tread in right path it is necesaary on part of schools and parents must acvord importance for moral education, said chairperson of state women commission Pramila Naidu.

Speaking at the inauguration of “Karnataka Women and Child Human Rights Seva Trust” and its logo on Sunday at the Akkamahadevi auditorium of Kannada Sahitya Parishath she said as per the recent study and the surprise inspection it has been unearthed that students of 8th grade have stayed out of studies and fallen in love trap. Hence moral education at this level is need of the hour, she emphasised.

Aides like walking sticks and user-friendly watches to visually challenged children were issued. Poshaka seva kala ratna award to senior supporting role artists and mahila madhyama seva ratna awards to women journalists were issued on the occasion.

Parents duty does not end at providing quality education to their children. They must be taught about moral education at home too. It helps children to acquire good culture and progress in education, she added.

Cases of harassment against girl children have increased in recent days. They should not be mislead or misguided and they must be made aware of such things, she adviced.

Senior music director V. Manohar, Suvarna Karnataka Digital Media Association President Gandasi Sadananda Swamy, president of Karnataka film supporting artists association Dingri Nagaraj, member of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and small screen actress K Kamala, chairperson of Karnataka Women and Child Human Rights Seva Trust Shubha Mahadev and others were present.

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