June 23, 2024


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Karnataka to host “Bengaluru Design Festival” along with BTS 22

Set to formulate Design Policy and proposes Design Education

London, May 23: The Government of Karnataka is set to formulate and implement a Design Policy and will host World’s Largest Design Festival – “Bengaluru Design Festival”- along with Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS 22), Scheduled to be held in November, Dr. Aswath Narayan, Minister for IT/BT and S&T, said on Monday.

During the meeting with the officials of the World Design Council (WDC), World Design Organisation (WDO), and UK Design Council in London, Minister confirmed the state’s interest to formulate and implement the design policy for Karnataka. The policy will attribute inputs from the national design policy and seek inputs from WDC to come up with a framework and structure, he added.

Speaking on the occasion Narayan said that the WDC has extended its support to implement state design policy and also to integrate the “Design Thinking” as a part of the school and college curriculum in Karnataka. Further, he said, “The pilot project for the design thinking in school project can be done in selected government schools and based on the impact can scale up the project across the state. The IT department will take the lead to formulate and implement the design policy for the state.”

“The proposed Design Policy, Design District and Design Education will put Karnataka in the global design circle and it will help to drive investments and jobs creation in the creative sector of the state” claimed Paula Graham Gazzard, Chair of Council, World Design Council.

Minister invited the officials to the state for further discussions and proceedings.

Prof. Pradyumna Vyas, Member of Board of Directors, World Design Organisation (WDO) and Mrs. Anne Boddington, Trustee, UK Design Council, Tom Joseph, ED, Arun Balachandran, Director (Digital Division), John Xavier, Director, Novel Initiatives of International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC) were present.

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