June 15, 2024


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Industry captains call for National Robotics body to set standards 

Bengaluru, Nov. 16: Setting up an industry body National Robotics Association of India for the robotics sector on the lines of Nasscom to set standards and safety norms besides giving innovation a boost is imperative, said Ajay Gopalswamy, CEO, DiFACTO Robotics and Automation. 

Speaking at a session on ‘Building Robotics ecosystem for the developing world: Challenges and Opportunities’ at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 on Wednesday, he said robotics should become the future of manufacturing in India and set a target of making 100,000 robots by 2030 in the country whic is achievable. 

Kamal Bali, president and MD, Volvo Group India said there is a need for a collective leadership in propelling the sector which involves taking a 360 degree approach to finding solutions. He said funding is not a constraint but added that logistics accounted for 14% of GDP in India which is higher than the worldwide average of 8%., 

Dr Arjun Jain said the challenges and roadblocks include a high import duty structure. He said in 2021 India managed to sell 5000 robots and is positioned tenth in the robotics sector with China at 2.7 lakh robots at the top. He sid there is a huge gap which needs to be bridged. 

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