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Truth Triumphs

“Narayan Seva Sansthan is doing yeoman service to the cause of Divyangs”

Bengaluru, March, 19: Karnataka Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot on Sunday complimented Narayan Seva Sansthan for its yeoman service to the cause of Divyangs.

“I am extremely happy that NSS decided to extend the facilities of artificial limbs and calipers to Karnataka state,” Gehlot said, at the one-day camp of the distribution of artificial limbs and calipers to Divyangs at Mahratta Hostel here on Sunday.

Emphasizing the fact that Divyangs had senior citizens received focus only after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, Gehlot said it is laudable that NSS is working with the principle “Jeeo Aur Jeene Dho” (Live and Let Live).

“During my tenure as the Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, the Divyang had created 10 Guinneas Book of World Records,” the Governor added.

“God gives life. But if something untoward happens, then Narayan Seva Sanathan steps in to make the life comfortable,” the Governor said and added, “In my view, Narayan Seva Sansthan is the institutionalized form of God”

Gehlot recalled that he was fortunate to have met Kailash Manav about years ago. “Now Kailash ji must be called Maha Manav for the kind of service he is doing,” the Governor said.

He appealed to the NSS authorities to approach him for any assistance.

Prashanth Agarwal, Global President of Narayan Seva Sansthan, provided a brief glimpse of the activities conducted by NSS.

“We have performed 4.33 lakh surgeries, provided 2.79 lakh wheel-chairs, 2.64 lakh tricycles. We provide two-time meals to 4000 people daily who visit NSS headquarters,” he explained.

Prashanth Agarwal announced amidst tumultuous applause that Divyangs won 19 medals in Paralympics and normal athletes won 9 medals.

The event had a touch of emotions and poignancy when several Divyang boys had girls presented cultural programmes and scores of Divyangs conducted a parade in front of the Governor.

Ashok Raka, Managing Director, Raka Steels, Abhishek Mazumdar, CEO of Logical Indian, noted astrologer Dr Daivagna Narasimha Somayaji and Amit Bhai Patel, Director, General Motors, were present throughout the function.

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