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Minister Aswath Narayan visits stalls at start-up pavilion, praises youths and entrepreneurs

Bengaluru, Nov. 16: Minister for IT-BT and Science & Technology, Dr C N Aswath Narayan, on Wednesday paid a visit to more than 100 start-up stalls on the first day of the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 being held at the Palace Grounds.

The minister who was present at the meet throughout the day to oversee the goings-on exchanged some pleasantries and encouraged the start-ups who had set up their stalls at the meet. He also had a word of praise for the entrepreneurial streak in them.

The Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022, which returned to the physical format this year after more than two years, also saw the minister taking part in meeting various foreign delegations who had flown down to the city to be part of the technological confabulations.     

Minister Aswath Narayan spent more than two hours in the start-up pavilion and interacted with the entrepreneurs. He also lent them his ears to listen to their stories and encouraged them to run their fledgling enterprises with gusto.

He also briefly explained the government’s initiatives in encouraging start-ups to the new and budding entrepreneurs.

Minister Dr Aswath Narayan was accompanied by Meena Nagaraj, Managing Director of Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS) and also Director of IT-BT Department besides Arjun Wodeyar, General Manager of KITS. 

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