March 1, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Fast tracked crop compensation : R Ashok


BJP government is in the forefront in terms of releasing compensation to farmers and a total of Rs. 621 crore has been released, assured Revenue minister R. Ashok.
Speaking to reporters after garlanding former chief minister late S. Nijalingappa at the West gate of Vidhana Soudha he said that BJP has assessed the extent of damage to farmers during the recent incessant and continuous rains.Crop compensation is being issued and in a record of sorts Rs 500 crore has been released in just a span of 21 days. This is an indication of how BJP government is concerned about farmers in releasing compensation to farmers, he boasted.
“When Congress was in power there were instances of inordinate delays and was involved in corruption also,” alleged Mr. Ashok. 
Already 10 lakh farmers have been benefitted. Compensation amount has been directly transferred to the beneficiary accounts.

CM reviewed the farmers compensation in November. By then a total of Rs. 130 crore was released. In the second phase Rs. 551.86 crore has been released. In toto, Rs. 621 crore has been released to 10,62,237 farmers across the state, he reiterated. 

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