July 16, 2024


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CSR concept is helpful in development of the society: CM Bommai

Bengaluru. Dec 11The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) fund is very helpful in development of the society, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.
The Chief Minister in his inaugural address at the Bengaluru CSR Leadership Summit said, “giving is in our culture. But how? where? and what? becomes important. There is a couplet by saint poet Sarvajna which says ‘ What we give is ours and what we hide is others’.”
As a person grows he should discharge his responsibilities in right earnest and give back what he has received from the society, Bommai said.
Referring to comments of some economists about welfare schemes like free mid-day meal, distribution of bicycles as ‘wasteful expenditure’, he expressed his disapproval of the view and said, “children are the future of the country. A sick child is like a speed breaker for the development of the country. A healthy child is like an elevator for development. The human development programmes would be my passion even if I am not in power.”
Bommai said that his government is formulating novel programme for economic empowerment of women by offering financial and market assistance to involve them in economic activity and contribute to state GDP.
He assured the entrepreneurs that his government would walk hand in hand and lend shoulder to shoulder to encourage CSR activities and create a conducive environment for their good word.

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