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Equal opportunity required for building a healthy society, opines CM

Bengaluru, Oct.8:Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday underscored the need for an equal opportunity to build a healthy society.

Speaking after inaugurating ‘Sarvadharma Sansat-2022’ organized by Rashtriya Basava Pratishtana here, he said when equal opportunities are given to bring changes, they will come up according to their strength and capacity. It is not possible to build a healthy society if they are denied opportunities and remain oppressed and face problems for generations.

“I feel blessed since I got the opportunity to hike reservations for SC/ST. All of our efforts must be towards humanity.

Religion is like a vehicle to reach it. If they understand this, there will be love and affection not only in the state but in the country and the world. Our country needs a culture. The value of any country will increase depending upon the culture, heritage and the history of every citizen”.

Time for equality:
The CM said 12th century social reformer Basavanna has propagated equal opportunity, respect and work dedication for all. There is a need to bring equality not only in religion but also in gender. They must bring equality from family to mankind. Knowledge has no caste or religion. The disparity in working communities led to rational revolution and social revolution by Basavanna who never cared when he was forced to dedicate himself for the cause. Time has come again to end confrontation and bring equality in the society. “We must pick up at least one thing when we attend such conferences and then only it will be meaningful. The Basava Pratishtana is doing a wonderful job. The conference of this kind must be held in big cities like Bengaluru as the relationship among people are getting severed in big cities“
Religions meant for welfare of people, not for confrontation
Bommai said there will be no religion when they are born or leave this world but they belong to different religions when they live. Later, they join caste, sub-caste and sub-groups and all these are created by man from time to time. Instead of saying it as right or wrong they must understand its necessity and area. Man is a social animal and lives in groups in cities. Religions are meant for the people’s welfare and not for confrontation. Any religion which promotes confrontation is not a religion at all, he added.

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