May 27, 2024


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Dimensionless: Novel dimension to art and artists

If an ugly defaced wall is seen in the city a group of artists armed with a ‘theme’ and required ‘paraphernalia’ swam the wall and transform it completely giving an attractive and beautiful look!

Yes, we are talking about a group of enthusiastic artists who hate to see ugly walls and artists not getting appropriate forum to showcase their talent due to the onslaught of technology.

This group of artists conceptualised DIMENSIONLESS, an artist studio, to give a rebirth to art and artists and to grow with technology rather than succumb to the technology. The studio located in AECS layout, Bangalore serves a platform which facilitates commercially viable networking amongst creative individuals.

Technology has progressed so much that many traditional artists are shaken and feel spaceless. The Dimensionless has made the technology a tool to leverage themselves to the societal needs.

Recently, a BMP office wall in AECS layout which was like a ‘god-forsaken’ place has now become a hotspot for selfies! They Dimensionless team wishes to transform many such eyesore into an attractive spot and aims to work actively with the civic agencies like BBMP, BDA and BMRCL. The team aims to convert not only ugly walls but also grey wall which has potential to host a beautiful art.

Dimensionless, the brainchild of artist Ajay Sharma in 2018 has blossomed into multiple creative business units dealing with art, tattoos, events, as well as engaging activities to promote social causes.

Shravan, Glany, Thanush, Khushboo (to name a few) are key artists who engage in making art a fun, educative and learning process. A branch of Dimensionless, Lillibees, an art based venture exclusively for kids, was conceptualized during the onset of the pandemic – COVID-19. This is a guided learning platform on arts & crafts for kids. Lillibees seeks to provide aid in developing new skills and techniques, broaden horizons, improve cognitive development & push them to confidently move forward in their learning journey by creative means.

‘’We like to go out of the box, we’re open to all things creative & artistic. I dream to create a platform for all creative people to network together to spread the service of artists across,’’ says Ajay Sharma.

Shop from home:

Dimensionless offers an array of mind-blowing art works. The studio not only provides space for art works but also provides an opportunity for connoisseurs of art to buy after having live-in session through Virtual Reality (VR) technology and buy the art work by scanning on the phone itself.

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