June 2, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Make Dasara innovative and grand: ST Somashekar 

Bengaluru, Aug. 18: In a bid to make traditional Mysuru Dasara a grand success, sub-committees have been formed and the heads of the sub-committees have been requested to work honestly, said co-operative minister and Mysuru district in-charge minister ST Somashekar.

Presiding the sub-committees during the preparatory meeting on Dasara celebrations, Mr. Somashekar suggested that innovative and attractive programmes must be thought about to make Dasara stand out from the previous celebrations. Sound and light programme should be an attractive one and there should be no scope for violation of protocols. 

New and young artists should be encouraged. There should not be repetition of artists in different cultural programmes. Farmers’ dasara, Yogadasara, Fish exhibition, Dasara Wrestling, Yuva dasara, Yuva Sambhrama, Women Dasara, Food court and cultural programmes must be grand. 

Mysuru deputy commissioner Bagadi Goutham, Mysuru city commissioner Chandra Gupta, ZP chief executive officer Poornima, superintendent of police R Chetan and other were present. 

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