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Digital health infra is enriching and moving quickly

Bangalore, Nov. 26: The process of enhancing Digital Healthcare infrastructure has been moving at a rapid pace and Karnataka will emerge as a model and progressive state, opined commissioner health department D. Randeep.

Inaugurating at Digital health symposium on advancing, digital healthcare, management, innovation, research and entrepreneurship organised by the Institute of Health Management (IIHM) at Chancery Pavilion hotel in the city he said that India too will be in the forefront in the healthcare sector.

Apart from making a stride in digital healthcare campaign the state is in the forefront to adopt several people-friendly enterprises. Private health sector and professional digital healthcare facility should be implemented effectively. The government is ready to accept the innovations of private sector, he said.

Fast track counters are being set up under Ayushman Bharat to ease pressure of outpatients division. Details of an outpatient will be mapped and screened within 30 seconds of scanning Ayushman Bharat card at OPD division. Arrangements be made to provide fresh Ayushman Cards too.

Token gets generated once the Ayushman card is scanned further it provides information on where the patient should go. It helps save a lot of precious time, added Randeep.

By the end of this month the facility will be made available at least at 15 to 20 hospitals. Later, it will be introduced at all the hospital in phased manner, he said and added that the health department is according more importance for digital literacy. General people and people from rural background will be will be made aware of digital reliefs. The government’s digital transformation should be utilised by private sector too, Randeep added.

IIHMR director Dr. Usha Manjunath, IIHMR senior consultant Dr. CS Kedar, IIIT (Bengaluru) ex-president Prof. S Sadagopan and IIHMR secretary Dr. S. Gupta were present on the occasion.

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