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Ears to Wellness Listen Up: Essential Tips for Optimal Ear Health

Bengaluru, March 3: It’s common for many individuals to overlook ear-related issues, often assuming they are ‘harmless’. However, the truth is that ears require attention and care just like any other organ in the body. With World Hearing Day approaching on March 3rd, it’s crucial to stress the significance of ear and hearing care. This year’s theme, ‘Making ear and hearing care a reality for all’, underscores the importance of proactive management of ear health. Dr. Sunitha Madhavan, Senior Consultant ENT Specialist at Kinder Hospital provides valuable insights into the signs that our ears may convey when something is amiss. Early diagnosis of hearing loss is crucial as it will involve speech and language development. She stresses the importance of understanding these signs and taking appropriate action. She shares key tips on how to take care of our ears and identifies the warning signs that may indicate potential issues.

Understanding the Causes of Hearing Loss:
According to Dr. Sunitha Madhavan, hearing loss can occur due to a variety of reasons. These include congenital factors such as intrauterine infections like TORCH infection or anomalies of the ear, as well as acquired causes such as infections, injuries, systemic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, continuous use of ototoxic medication, and noise-induced hearing loss.

Crucial Prenatal screening
Dr. Sunitha Madhavan provides practical advice on ear care to prevent potential problems. Prenatal screening is crucial, emphasizing the importance of undergoing TORCH screening during pregnancy to detect any issues early on. Prompt treatment is essential if you experience ear pain after a cold or cough, as it could indicate an infection needing medical attention. Lifestyle management plays a key role, with managing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders helping reduce the risk of hearing loss. Dr. Sunitha Madhavan advises against harmful practices such as inserting objects into the ear canal for cleaning, as this can lead to injury or infection. These tips form a comprehensive approach to ear care, promoting preventive measures and prompt treatment to maintain ear health.

Awareness and Prevention
Vaccinations against diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and pneumococcal infections can help prevent hearing loss. Additionally, avoiding exposure to loud noises and practicing good hygiene are important preventive measures. Dr. Sunitha Madhavan stresses the importance of prenatal screenings, genetic counseling, and newborn hearing screenings to identify any potential problems early on. Timely treatment for ear infections and other conditions is essential to prevent complications and preserve hearing.

Rehabilitation and Support:
For individuals with hearing loss, early diagnosis followed by rehabilitation and access to hearing aids can significantly improve their quality of life. Dr. Sunitha Madhavan emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help and avoiding self-medication to ensure proper management of ear-related issues. “By prioritizing ear care, adopting preventive measures, and seeking timely medical attention, individuals can protect their hearing health and overall well-being”, she added.             

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