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CM receives Naveen’s mortal remains at KIA

PM Modi’s Bhagirath effort has made an impossible task possible: CM Bommai

Bengaluru, March 21: Prime Minister Narendra has made an impossible task possible by bringing back Karnataka student Naveen’s mortal remains from the war torn Ukraine through his Bhagirath-like sustained effort. It is a historic job, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons after receiving Naveen’s mortal remains at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bommai said, the sustained, intense efforts of the Union government made it possible through diplomatic contacts with the neighboring countries of Ukraine and succeeding in getting safe passage for special flights to bring the mortal remains. Naveen was to be received by his parents on his return as a doctor after completing his studies, it is unfortunate that his parents had to receive his mortal remains, Bommai said.

Operation Ganga

Many students have returned from Ukraine. Unfortunately Naveen fell victim to a missile splinter attack. Our Prime Minister Modi had consoled the family over phone. The Indian government did a commendable job through Operation Ganga to bring back its students stranded in Ukraine.

The Operation which went on for 3 weeks brought 19,000 Indian students back, of which 572 were from Karnataka, 62 students from the State had returned before the start of the Operation. “I was in constant contact with the Prime Minister’s Office and External Affairs minister Jaishankar, our MPs too put in their efforts to make it a success,” Bommai said.

Nation’s Strength

The mortal remains of Naveen were secured by contacting Funeral Agents and it was embalmed. Despite shelling near the mortuary the mortal remains were brought to Versova where it was given a zinc coating and brought to Dubai from where the flight ultimately arrived in Bengaluru. “I have already thanked Prime Minister Modi for the intense efforts which made it possible. He has made an impossible task possible through his Bhagirath-like effort. India had airlifted its citizens from Libya too when under attack from ISIS. These tasks prove to the world that India is a big power,” Bommai said.

Humanitarian concern of PM

“Narendra Modi has shown what is our strength. There are many who criticise him. But the Prime Minister has shown that success could be achieved through honest and humane efforts,” Bommai said.

Concern of Karnataka government

The Karnataka government has had a big role in this successful Operation as it maintained sustained coordination to bring back its students through Delhi, Gaziabad and Mumbai till the students from the state reached their homes. Elaborating the process, Bommai said, first a Whatsapp group was set up to establish contact with the students and they were counselled. Within 12 hours a toll free number was established to render assistance. IAS officer Manoj Rajan was in constant touch with the Ukraine Embassy.

Bommai thanked everyone who was involved in this Operation. “The pain and grief will always remain that Naveen could not be brought back alive. We will render all the help needed for his family,” Bommai said.

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