July 23, 2024


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CM Approves completion of 1.29 Lakh houses under construction

Bengaluru, July 4:
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has approved the completion of 1,29,457 houses being constructed for poor families by the Karnataka Slum Development Board and the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation under the “Housing for All” scheme. The government will bear the beneficiary contribution and provide financial assistance in phases to complete these houses.

During a progress review meeting of the housing department held at the Chief Minister’s home office, Krishna here on Wednesday, the CM Siddaramaiah instructed finance department officials to assess the financial requirements for the different stages of the construction of 1,29,457 houses. He directed them to determine the maximum possible funding for this year and the required amount for the next year. However, he mandated that beneficiaries must contribute ₹1 lakh each.
Housing Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan mentioned that necessary actions will be taken regarding this directive.

In the second phase, 39,966 houses ready for allocation by the Slum Development Board require ₹862 crore. Similarly, in the first phase, 11,406 houses ready for allocation by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation need ₹529 crore, explained the Minister Zameer.

About the Scheme:
Under the “Housing for All” scheme, initiated from 2013 to 2023, the construction of 2.32 lakh houses was stalled due to the inability of beneficiaries to pay their contribution. Addressing this issue, Zameer Ahmed Khan brought the plight of poor families to the attention of the Chief Minister, leading to the decision that the government would cover ₹4 lakh per beneficiary family’s contribution.

Initially, approval was granted for the Slum Development Board’s scheme. In Wednesday’s meeting, principal approval was also granted for applying the scheme to the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation.

The meeting was attended by Additional Chief Secretary of the Finance Department Ateeq, the Chief Minister’s Political Secretary Naseer Ahmed, Housing Board President Shivalingegowda, Slum Development Board President Prasad Abbayya, Department Secretary Naveen Raj Singh, Kavita Mannikeri, and Sushelamma.

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