July 22, 2024


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Greater Emphasis on Nanotechnology Research through KSRF and e-KRDIP: Minister N S Boseraju

  • Participated in Bangalore India Nano 2024 Curtain Raiser
  • Program to be held from 1st to 3rd August

Bangalore, July 3 Minister of Minor Irrigation, Science and Technology, N S Boseraju, announced that significant steps are being taken to position Karnataka as a leading state in nanotechnology research. This will be achieved through the Karnataka State Research Foundation (KSRF) and the e-KRDIP (Karnataka R&D Innovation Platform).

Speaking at the Bangalore India Nano 2024 curtain raiser event held at a private hotel in the city, Minister Boseraju highlighted Bengaluru’s status as one of the world’s leading cities for innovation and Karnataka’s reputation as an industrially friendly state. He emphasized the state government’s robust support for startups and the establishment of new enterprises, noting that revolutionary state schemes have attracted leading global companies to Karnataka. The state boasts a conducive environment for research and ample human resources.

The Karnataka State Research Foundation has been established to foster a supportive environment for startups and enterprises to conduct research and manufacture new products. This initiative is a pivotal step towards transforming Karnataka into a research hub. Additionally, the Karnataka R&D Innovation Platform (e-KRDIP) is being established to disseminate the results of new research to the general public, startups, and enterprises. Nanotechnology research will be given high priority through these two institutions.

Bangalore India Nano 2024, an important conference scheduled from 1st to 3rd August, will focus on the theme “Nanotechnology for Sustainable Climate, Energy, and Healthcare.” Minister Boseraju noted that necessary grants for research are already being provided by the department, and additional programs are being developed at the government level to further advance research in this critical field.

The event was attended by Department Secretary EkRoop Kaur, KSTePS Managing Director Pawan Kumar Malapati, Chairman of the Nano Technology Vision Group Prof. Navakant Bhat, and Bangalore India Nano 2024 Program Incharge Prof. P.S. Anil Kumar.

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