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Research on Environment and Research Centres needed: CM

Everyone should love and protect nature: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, July 4: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that everyone should love and protect nature. Protecting nature is not difficult, but everyone has to make up their mind.
He was speaking after inaugurating the World Environment day program with the theme ‘Land transformation and Dry Land Management’ organized at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. He also presented the state environmental awards on the occasion.
“We must develop a tendency to celebrate Environment Day every day. Practices such as proper disposal of waste, rainwater harvesting, etc. should be adopted. This helps to maintain our health. Let’s all maintain hygiene as environment lovers,” he said.

Environment Protection is everyone’s responsibility

The environment conservation can happen only with community participation. The government and the public should work together in this regard. The benefits of environmental protection must be taught from student life itself. Wildlife has the right to live just like human beings. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve it, he said.

Supply of clean drinking water is the Government’s Duty
Health and hygiene are directly related to each other. The healthy society can be maintained only when there is cleanliness. It is the duty of the government to supply clean drinking water. Recently, we have seen disasters caused by drinking contaminated water. Many have lost their lives and have suffered from diseases. It has already been warned that strict action will be taken against the officers concerned if there is any negligence in the supply of clean drinking water. The Chief Minister said that the government will make sincere efforts to supply clean drinking water.

Public should join hands to control dengue
Dengue cases are increasing, and the municipal corporation, health department, and municipal administration departments are working together to control it. He said that it can be eradicated only when the public joins hands.

Research should be done in the right direction
Everyone should develop love for nature. If one tree is cut, another should be planted. Forests should be cultivated. He said that we are facing floods and droughts in the last 20 years and research is needed about the causes.
Research should be done in the right way, and research centers should also increase.

The CM suggested that the Forest Department should pay attention to the manner in which research centers should be established.

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