May 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

BJP legendary figure BS Yeddyurappa’s house attack, condemned nationwide, says Dr. Swami Bhadraanand

Bengaluru, March 29: All other states of the country are shocked by the Shivamogga incident against a legendary figure like Yeddyurappa who brought pride and dignity to the Hindus of Karnataka. Things that should have never happened against a person like Yeddyurappa has happened in Karnataka. Also, there is no doubt that there are some dubious forces behind the protests in Shivamogga.

Karnataka is known as a Dharmabhoomi inhabited by Sanatanis’ and the time has come to end the neglect and attacks in the name of caste, religion and discrimination from this sacred land. Yeddyurappa is the reason for the strong BJP we see in Karnataka today. Similarly, the two secrets of strengthening the BJP in Karnataka are the faces of Narendra Modi and BS Yeddyurappa. If this is the case of Yeddyurappa, who is the supreme figure in the hearts of the Kannada people and who fights and lives for the people, what will be the case of a common man who fights for dharma?

Due to death threats from various terrorist organizations including PFI, the Karnataka Home Department has given us a special protection called “Musa Acuminata Protection” and it is more powerful than any SPG. If for any reason Amit Shah gets to know about the so-called protection which has been given to us by the Karnataka State, then there is no doubt that Amit Shah will kill himself on the spot due to humiliation. But by God’s grace, we are protected by a stronger spiritual force than the state home department, so we have no complaint against anyone. But B.S. Yeddyurappa’s case is different, so the central government should immediately take over his protection. According to my personal experience, I have no doubt of Karnataka Police’s efficiency, they are best in terms of their sincerity and bravery. Unfortunately due to some “Special Reasons” the state government is unable to control and direct the police force properly.

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