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Congress launches “first time youth voters” campaign

Bengaluru, March 30: Not to be left behind the BJP, the Congress party launched “first time youth voters” themed “Celebrate your Vote” campaign on Thursday.

Congress Abhishek Dutta who launched this programme also announced that state youth Congress President Raksha Ramaiah will be overall incharge of this “first time youth voter” campaign.

The campaign the youth voter in the age group 18 to 23 especially the first time voters. “Celebrate your Vote” is the campaign theme coined by the Grand Old Party (GoP).

Inaugurating the website dedicated to this unique campaign, Abhishek Dutta said the youth Congress workers will visit each and every college and universities and prevail upon the youths the importance of participating in the democratic process.

‘Your vote is your right’ is what we are going to tell the youth voters. We will hold skits, interactive sessions and workshops to create awareness among the youth about the importance of voting,” Raksha Ramaiah said.

Abhishek Dutta said his party has announced providing Rs 3000 to unemployed youth for two years and Rs 1500 to diploma holders.

“Youths are not getting jobs due to the BJP government’s lopsided policy. The unemployed youths are becoming burden on their parents. Our scheme to provide Rs 3000 per month will help the family to a great extent,” Dutta added.

Raksha Ramaiah said the Congress government will fill up the 2.50 lakh vacant posts in the government and also create employment opportunities to the extent of 10 to 15 lakhs per year in private sector.

Asked if he is contesting the assembly elections, Raksha Ramaiah said his focus is to carry the party’s message to each and every youth and adds, “But if the party asks me to contest, I will contest. I am a loyal and disciplined soldier of the party.”

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