June 23, 2024


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Bitter new year gift by BMTC: Hike in fare

Bangalore, Dec. 30: It appears that the BMTC, the lifeline of Bengaluru’s commuting is burning a deep hole in commuters’ pocket.

The BMTC has officially issued an order hiking the prices of monthly pass, daily pass and daily ticket. With this, the ticket price of Volvo buses too has risen.

The hiked price will be effective from first week of January. Due to the frequent rise in fuel prices and to make good for the losses suffered by the BMTC the prices have been hiked, according to BMTC.

The provision for free commuting on Sundays for monthly pass identity card holders and senior citizens’ monthly pass identity card holders have been withdrawn.

Revised price:

Vajra  (Volvo) monthly pass

Prevailing fare: Rs. 1,500 including GST

Revised fare: Rs. 1,800 including GST

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