March 1, 2024


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Beware: Kadia Sansi gang on prowl

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Bengaluru, June 5: Notorious Kadia Sansi gang is active in Bengaluru. Grand fat weddings are the soft targets for this Kadia Sansi gang which hails from Madhya Pradesh, warn police.

Kengeri police have nabbed two members of the gang. The notorious gang targets wedding halls and flees with valuables of bride and groom by diverting the attention.

Wedding organisers need to be careful and be extra cautious about their valuables, jewels and ornaments.

According to police, the modus operandi of the gang is that they come dressed well and swarm into bride and bridegroom’s room and charm them with their sugar coated talks. They easily divert the attention of occupants of the room and fled with valuables.

The Kadia Sansi village is slso notorious for training the young minds to targets big fat weddings. The gang buys poor chkldren and trains them in thieving and diverting peopl’s attention. Once they are trainef they would be let into the field in major metros.

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