May 23, 2024


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BBMP witness rapid surge in Covid cases in 3rd wave

Bengaluru, Jan. 13: On December 28, there were 356 cases in the state including 269 in Bengaluru. On January 5 we had 3,605 cases in Bengaluru and 641 in rest of the state. On January 11, we had 10,800 cases in Bengaluru alone and 3,673 in rest of the state. So between December 28 and January 11, in 15 days, the cases have increased by 32.64% in Bengaluru Urban district, 32.65% in BBMP and 36.44% in the state, explained the minister.

While the doubling time in the first wave was 10-12 days, it was 8 days during second wave. But in third wave the cases are doubling in every 2 or 2.5 days. It is therefore important for everyone to get both the doses of vaccine. Between January 1-11, there were 62, 641 active cases and about 6% of them were in hospital, 1% in covid care centres and rest 93% were in home isolation, said minister.

We have set a target of atleast 2 lakh tests per day and we will increase it further. About 1 lakh tests are being done in Bengaluru. About 265 labs are operational in the state and there are 9 genomic labs including 5 state govt and 4 central govt labs. We have a capacity to sequence 1,875 samples in one batch, explained Dr.K.Sudhakar.

After second wave, at a total cost of Rs.243 crores, we have established an additional 6,386 oxygen beds and 2,928 ICU beds in 147 taluk hospitals. 665 oxygen beds and 263 ICU beds have been added in 19 district hospitals at a cost of Rs.25 crores. 217 out of 266 PSA oxygen plants allotted to Karnataka are operational. 3,460 ventilators and 8,100 oxygen concentrators are available.

Treatment of Children:
30% of the beds in District and Talk hospitals have been reserved for treatment of children. Indira Gandhi Childrens Hospital has been notified has designated hospital for pediatric care. Tests are being conducted in schools once in every 15 days.

4.89 crore continues in the state have received first dose and 3.98 crore have received both the doses. About 81.5% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated in the state.

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