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Truth Triumphs

Defeat Covid-19 through vaccine: opine Dr. K. Sudhakar. People never forgive Congress’ irresponsible Padayatra

Bengaluru, Jan. 14:
We can defeat Covid only though vaccine. Therefore everyone should get vaccinated without fail, said health and medical education minister Dr. K. Sudhakar.

Extending his greetings to the people of state on the occasion of Makara Sankranti, which makes the beginning of Uttarayana, Dr.Sudhakar wished that may Uttarayana bring good health, joy and prosperity to all. Dr.Sudhakar welcomed Governor Tawarchand Gehlot, who visited BMCRI’s PMSSY hospital to receive his precaution dose.

So far about 83,937 doses have been given at BMCRI including 420 lactating mothers and 1,179 pregnant women. Vaccine is the only way to defeat Covid-19 and even WHO has been urging everyone to take vaccine. In his VC with CMs, PM Modi also emphasised on achieving 100% coverage. Therefore I urge everyone to voluntarily come forward and get their vaccine, said minister.

I welcome HC’s direction on Congress’ padayatra. This is inline with Centre and state government’s Covid guidelines. People will neither forget or forgive the irresponsible behaviour of Congress, said Dr.Sudhakar.

Although the cases are increasing day by day, only about 5-6% are getting hospitalised. However, it is a matter of concern that nursing staff are getting infected. So we should not be complacent as it may overwhelm our health infrastructure. Experts have opined that the third wave has not peaked yet in the state and it may peak by February first week. It may start receding by February third or fourth week.

Weekend restrictions have been enforced from last week. We can’t expect the infection to reduce in seven days. In the first two waves we needed at least 14 days to break the chain. It is lesser in this wave, but the infection is spreading 5-6 times faster. We will get to see the result of weekend curfew in next few days.

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