May 18, 2024


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Ubuntu women entrepreneurs to visit Cambodia

Bengaluru, Aug. 22: As many as 53 women entrepreneurs including 25 from Karnataka from Ubuntu Consortium will be heading to Cambodian for a 5-day visit from August 25 to 29, for exchange of best practices, said UBUNTU founder president and former chief secretary K Ratnaprabha.

Ahead of Cambodia visit, UBUNTU members lead by Ratnaprabha met chief minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday at Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) and appraised him that about 60 per cent of women in Cambodia are in entrepreneurial and leadership positions and visit would help for the exchange of best practices between the two countries.  

Indian Women delegation will have a chance to meet over 75 institutions which are run by women entrepreneurs in Cambodia. 

During the meeting Ratnaprabha thanked Siddaramaiah for his unconditional support for the women entrepreneurship and as a result the Ubuntu has grown into a mammoth organisation spreading across nook and corner of the country. She also recalled that how women-oriented entrepreneurship grown during the tenure of Siddaramaiah as Chief minister. 

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