March 1, 2024


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Tourism hotspot Nandi Hills welcomes visitors during weekends too

Bengaluru Express impact:

District administration has made arrangements for online and offline ticketing

Bangalore, March 25: The restriction of entry of visitors/tourists to the Nandi Hills had created a furor last weekend resulting in visitors staging a dharna and demanding for a planned entry to the tourist hotspot. They claimed that restricting visitors after they visit Nandi Hills is not acceptable.

It may be recalled that the BE had suggested for introducing an online or offline or both online/offline system to issue tickets or passes to allow the visitors rather than making them stranded at the foothills of the Nandi Hills. BE also reported that allowing visitors will create an eco-system and help enhance the tourism potential.

It is said that the Chikkaballapur District Commissioner (DC) R Latha held a meeting with the stakeholders of Nandi Hills development and decided to allow visitors with pre-bookings either online or offline.

Those wishing to visit Nandi Hills on Saturday or Sunday must log in to KSTDC website and confirm tickets before 6 pm previous day. Offline tickets can also be purchased at the counter established by the district administration at the foothills of the Nandi. Those who do not get both online and offline tickets will not be allowed to enter, said R. Latha.

Considering the space crunch atop the hill, a maximum of 1,000 two-wheelers, 300 vehicles including cars and mini buses will be allowed Once these vehicles depart other vehicles will be allowed to enter.

Ticket pricing:

Two-wheelers with single person will be charged Rs. 50 while two persons on two-wheeler will have to pay Rs. 70. Rs. 125 will be charged for LMV while Rs. 150 will be charged for HMV or heavy vehicles.

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