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The number of students should increase at least twice, says minister

Participated in the first convocation ceremony of Bengaluru City University

Bengaluru, April 11: The number of students within the ambit of Bengaluru City University, should increase at least twice, Dr.C.N.Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education opined on Monday.

Addressing the first convocation ceremony of Bengaluru City University at Jnanajyoti auditorium (Central College Campus), he told, at present 1.3 lakh students were pursuing studies in the institutions belonging to the university.

The number of students enrolled in educational institutions belonging to the university (1.3 lakhs) is very low when compared to the population size of the city (over 1 crore) , Narayana told.

Saying, the process of improving the quality of education along with the adaptation of technology is being started in the state, he opined, this would ensure transparency and accountability in the system.

“The sphere of higher education should become self-reliant and the practice of looking at the government for resources should come to an end. The new National Education Policy will award autonomy and freedom to universities. The administrative process is being made paperless,” Minister Narayan remarked.

“Until now the domains of academia and industries functioned in an isolated manner without having any sort of connectivity. But now, NEP-2020 envisages meaningful linkages between the two domains, and MoUs and collaborations are being encouraged. This allows our students to pursue studies at eminent institutions of global standard and to attain twinning degrees. Connectivity between academia and industry would also serve to address the issue of unemployment,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Minister also appreciated the performance of women students for securing more gold medals.

Thawar Chand Gehlot, Chancellor & Governor of the state, Dr.K.Kasturirangan, eminent space scientist and educationist, Prof.Lingaraja Gandhi, Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Jaffet, Former Vice-Chancellor, were among those who were present.

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