April 13, 2024


Truth Triumphs

The BBMP is on the verge of witnessing a mega scam?

Bengaluru, Aug. 30: In the name of constructing garbage transfer stations the BBMP is preparing itself to spend Rs. 180 crore which eventually feared to go down the drain.

Hitherto, the BBMP had the practice of collecting the garbage at all the wards. But now, the BBMP has planned to collect the garbage. Collected garbage will be stored at three locations before being shifted to waste processing units at the outskirts of the city.

In the present set up tipper auto rickshaws collect garbage from door-to-door and dump them into the compactors. Subsequently, the collected garbage will be shifted to waste processing units or landfulls. BBMP has to pay a tipping fee of Rs. 1.86 lakh per tipper with a capacity of 10 tonnes. This is economical too. But the BBMP is in a mortal hurry to construct transfer stations at a whopping cost of Rs 180 crore.

In reality, transfer stations were not new concept to the BBMP. They were in existence with small capacities. But the fact is that it really did not pay off well. Despite the past history the BBMP with the passive support of the BBMP is contemplating on constructing three transfer stations.

With these crores of tax payers’ money and valuable and precious land is falling in the folds of private person.

What is the scam?

Bengaluru generates 4200 metric tonnes of waste everyday. Over 3000 tonnes of waste has been planned to be stored at the transfer stations and shift to landfills.

BBMP has given green signal to three transfer stations one each at Koramangala, Chikpet and Hoody. The project has been bagged by Parishudh Ventures. It costs Rs. 22 crore for construction of 150 metric tonne transfer station and it required Rs. 9 crore for maintenance. With this calculation, the BBMP aims to spend Rs 66 crore for one year. Besides, valuable and precious land at Koramangala, Chikpet and Hoodi wards is being gien to private person for maintenance of the plant. There is a fear of project gong waste and land getting lost.

Instead of constructing transfer stations which is expensive, the BBMP can increase the number of compactors. One compactor has the capacity to transfer 10 tonees of waste. It costs Rs. 1.86 lakh per month. At this rate, it costs just Rs. 28 lakhs per month and Rs. 3.35 crore per year.

Instead of spending Rs. 22 crore for one transfer station the garbage can be shifted at a cost of Rs. 3.35 crore which is very cheaper. The contract has been given to Hyderabad based private company for seven years and it costs a whopping Rs. For the BBMP.

What happens to the present transfer stations?

BBMP has already suffered loss in the past in an attempt to constitute transfer station. About five years back the BBMP had entrusted work on building garbage transfer stations to TPS company. As against the plan of setting up 150 mini transfer stations only at 5 locations have seen them.


Continue existing practice instead of setting up transfer stations

Saves land worth Rs. 300 crore

BBMP can use the proposed land for parking facility or a commercial complex which fetches revenue

It helps displace the poor people at the proposed property

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