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The 6-lane national corridor provides seamless traffic

A view of the National Highway connecting from Devanahalli town to the outskirts of Hosakote city

Strengthens economic activities along the corridor

Devanahalli, June 5: The six-lane corridor, that connects Dobbspet in Nelamangala to Hyderabad and Hosur via Hoskote, which is also called as the economic corridor will be soon thrown open for public use for seamless traffic and for economic activities.

Motorists who were fed-up with the daily traffic logjam in the Devanahalli town due to the continuous movement of trucks and lorries, can now heave a sigh of relief with the smooth flow traffic as the six-lane road will be shortly opened for movement of heavy-duty vehicles.

The work on the National Highway that connects Devanahalli District Administration office and the neighbourig Hoskote town via outskirts of the Devanahalli town is almost

Complete. The 37.6 km distance six-lane road is ready to be inaugurated and will be thrown open for vehicle use. The corridor connects Dobbspet to Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu via Doddaballapura, Devanahalli and Hosakote. This corridor strengthens the economic activities along the corridor.

The road between Devanahalli district administration office and Hoskote stretching 37.6 kms is being developed at a whopping cost of Rs. 1,278 crore and has many salient features. Wherever necessary, wide service roads have been provided using locally available raw materials. The electric poles erected on either side of the road have solar powered lights. They have been designed to operate automatically without manual intervention.

CC TV camera for surveillance: As part of surveillance on the highway, high-capacity CCTV cameras have been installed at regular intervals along the highway or economic corridor.

The LED boards displayed along the road spread safety messages in multiple languages including in Kannada. Safety messages in English and Hindi languages will be displayed.

The beautiful road cuts short the travel time to Hosakote from Devanahalli drastically.

The 2-lane roads have been developed into six lane roads and travel time has been shortened to just 20 minutes from 90 minutes.


37.6 kms is the distance between Devanahalli and Hosakote

Rs. 1278 crore will be spent to develop this stretch of road

The travel time has been cut down to just 20 minutes from 90 minutes

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