May 26, 2024


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Now, avail rebate on property tax till June-end

Bengaluru, June 2: In what is called a good news for property owners across, the BBMP jurisdiction, the state government has announced an extension of a 5 per cent rebate on property tax until end of June.

BBMP offer a 5 per cent rebate on property tax until April end. As a practice, normally, the rebate period would be extended until June end. Announcing a gift to the citizens of Bengaluru, deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar announced to extend the rebate on property tax till the end of June.

For the financial year, 2023-24 the BBMP revenue wing had written to the state government seeking for an extension of rebate period. As a practice, the plea gets accepted by the government. However, this time due to the assembly polls and model code of conduct being in force, the BBMP’s plea was not considered favourably. Hence, the rebate period ended in April-end.

Nevertheless, Mr. Shivakumar extended the rebate period till June end and urged the property owners to utilise the opportunity. Extending the 5 per cent rebate on property tax was also a request made by the former mayors who met the Bengaluru development minister on Thursday. The BBMP officials said those who have made the payments in May will get the 5 per cent rebate adjust.

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