July 19, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Technology enables effective Health services: Dr.C.N.Ashwatha Narayana

Bengaluru:  Primary health services for people can be effectively delivered through the Ayush system by using the appropriate technologies, Dr.C.N.Ashwatha Narayana, Minister for Higher Education and IT/BT, said on Thursday.

Speaking in the inaugural session of ‘JIGNASA-2021’, an international conference on ‘Delivery of Public and Primary Health Services’, he told, we need to find solutions to the challenges by making the best use of available technology.
“The Post-COVID situation has made the world lean towards becoming virtual and it has been also proved effective. Technology would enable us to reach any corner of the world. We are in an advantageous situation as the state in general (Karnataka) and Bengaluru, in particular, are at the forefront of technological development.  We can make the entire world look towards India through the Ayush system,” Narayana opined.
“There lies a knowledge in our ancient science about attaining overall health through treatments of Ayush system. Now, modern technology can be made use of to cater to the health needs and to develop a holistic outlook”, he told.

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