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Suniel Shetty hogs limelight at tech meet, talks on success and failures

Bangalore, Nov. 18: Hindi actor, producer, television personality and entrepreneur
Suniel Shetty was the centre of attraction at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 on Friday evening.

Entrepreneurs, businessmen, industry captains, students and visitors were all ears and eyes to catch a glimpse of the fitness enthusiast that he is known to be in cinema circles.

Suniel Shetty spoke about his humble beginnings and his journey as an actor in the film industry. He also had some words of advice to entrepreneurs about their ventures and the money involved in it. He said, “ raising money is easy to run an enterprise but making money is a challenge in the same vein. People need to work towards realising that cash is king.”

In the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic, he said it is an opportunity for the start-ups as much as the downturn is for returning to the business by assessing one’s strengths on the table.

Referring to the future of cinema halls in the era and the OTT platforms, Suniel Shetty said, “content is the king and that is what matters to the audiences. Makers have to start focusing on content that are essentially India stories.”

He said he was happy and contented to be spending quality time with family and at the same time follow a fitness regimen. “I am not busy but I am productive as I manage time properly in doing all the things that I need to do,” he said.

Talking about his failings and his resurgence, he said, “I was honest to myself and to my profession. I love what I do and as much as possible I have learnt to listen to people. I know my destination and I work towards reaching there.”

Suniel Shetty also spoke about how he turned his weakness into strength and took to action and doing dare-devil stunts in movies all by himself.  

Shraddha Sharma, CEO of moderated the fireside chat with the 61-year-old Mulki born actor.

Naveen Tiwari, who runs two unicorns was also called on to the stage to share his views on his success.

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