October 4, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Sub-standard work across the city: allege HD Kumarasway

Bengaluru, May 22: For the last two days rain ravaged areas are being inspected. Sub-standard and poor quality work is conspicuous across the city in public works, charged former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy.

Speaking to reporters after inspecting Nayandahalli metro layout, Mattikere areas on Sunday he said that when Bengaluru is totally marooned and people are pushed out of the house. The situation is totally unfriendly for citizens living here. That being the situation how can investors be invited at Davos. By being responsible every prblem can be sorted out and addressed, he said.

I have paid a visit to rain affected areas for the last two days. What is observed in since many apartments have gone under water the dwellers have been forced to stay in hotels by paying huge money.

Today CM has formwd task force and has gone on a junket. He questioned the quantum of grants that has reached Malleswaram constituency represented by Ashwath Narayan.

Industrialists and entrepeurs are unhappy with the way the government is functioning. Situation is so bad back in Bengaluru and what morality does CM has to give a call to investors, taunted Kumaraswamy.

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